A Conumdrum of Quality

‘Who do you have on your books?’ A Conundrum of Quality

It’s starting to age a little now, however, ‘Who do you have on your books?’ has been the first question asked of us by employers for many years. What they are really asking is ‘Do you have an instant fix for my problem?’ We could use half a dozen or so analogies here to explain how we feel about this. For convenience, we’ll use this one :

Imagine going to a restaurant and being told that the main course of your choice is unavailable. There’s still food left, you’re in a hurry and hungry so you choose something else. When you leave a little while later, you’re no longer hungry, neither are you satisfied.

We’re conditioned these days to expect choice in every situation. The truth is that rather than eat something you don’t really want or even worse a re-heated meal, is not going to be an experience to remember.

So, why would you be happy to settle for less when you need to find a new employee? It’s better to take your time and make allowances while you wait for a great candidate that ticks all of the boxes.

I’d like to emphasise that often we will have identified a great person to join your team, prior to speaking with you : We do after all, stay in touch with the great Candidates we’re working with.  If you think the role of a Recruiter is to have a range of great people on stand-by, I’ll agree with you. Our responsibility however, goes further than that. It’s not enough to introduce you to the best person we’re working with at that particular moment : You deserve to meet with the very best person available in the market at that time. That’s why, even if we’re certain we have the right person for you, we advertise each and every opportunity we’re working on to cast the net as wide as possible.

Lloyd Recruitment Group : We’re here to deliver the quality results you deserve – Don’t settle for less.