An Ongoing Success Story

On a Thursday morning in September of last year, we received an urgent ‘phone call from David Mortimer, the WA State Manager with United Fasteners. He had just received a resignation letter from his Receptionist / Accounts Person and needed to replace her urgently, as he only had two-weeks for a ‘hand-over’.

David’s initial thought was to employ a Temporary person as a stop-gap measure while he looked for the right person. He didn’t think it was possible to manage any other way as he had some pressing commitments coming up, including interstate travel.

We assured David that we were confident of finding the right person for him, within five working days and that a Temp wouldn’t be required. Here’s what happened next :

  • We received the green light from David and commenced our search and advertising campaign on Thursday afternoon
  • By Friday afternoon, we had delivered our short-list of candidates, with whom we had discussed the opportunity and received their approval to forward on their details to David.
  • David arranged interviews with his preferred candidates for the following Monday and Tuesday.
  • After their meeting, David’s preferred candidate commenced employment with United Fasteners on Wednesday, allowing them a satisfactory hand-over period and no down-time.
  • The whole advertising and recruitment process from initial enquiry to the commencement of a new employee was successfully completed in just six days.
  • Most importantly, Fiona is still happily employed at United Fasteners.

Things didn’t and there : United Fasteners are enjoying a period of growth and since September have used THE TIMESAVER or THE TIMESAVER PLUS in their search for a Storeperson, Internal Salesperson, Junior Administrator, Tele-Marketer and a Construction Site Representative.

Different roles, same great results.

THE TIMESAVER – Delivering the quality results you deserve.