Worth Their Weight In Gold?

When you’re sitting down with a potential new employee for an administrative position, the typical interview scenario usually focuses on items such as their skill-set and previous experience. You also gauge from their personality if they’ll be a good fit with existing team members and make your decision from there. In short, the interview is based around the questions : ‘Can they do the job and will they fit in here?’

If you typically conduct interviews and make hiring decisions in this way, you’re missing out on the potential pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow. The truth is, you’re only considering what this new hire can do for you in terms of base-line performance. Good administrators should be a vital component of your marketing initiative for both new and prospective clients. That’s why it’s best to take on customer-focused people, with a passion for not only doing their job well, but also taking care of your valuable and hard-won clients.

Here’s a list of questions to ask them :

‘What would your existing customers tell me about you?’

‘What should my customers expect when working with you?’

‘How do you maintain a customer focused approach?’

‘What can you do to ensure our clients keep working with us?’

Make no mistake : If your administration team are well motivated and well trained, they’ll be a key part of your front-line sales drive. Always make sure that no matter what their role within your team, any new person you take on has as much passion for your customers as they will have for their new opportunity.