We’ll never make you jump through hoops

When we launched our company in 2005, we had a simple goal : To deliver our Clients a standard of service that represented excellent value for money and exceeded their expectations and to find rewarding new opportunities for our Candidates. We’ve always treated both parties as equal partners and although our sector has seen a lot of changes, that’s something that will never will. Whether you’re a CEO or an Office Junior, we’ll treat you equally and with the respect and consideration you deserve.

One of the advantages of being a privately-owned consultancy is that we measure our success by outcomes, rather than KPI’s. I expect every candidate knows someone who has a horror story about meeting with a recruiter at an inconvenient time, sitting for competency testing only to be told two hours later that the role they applied for ‘has been filled and we’ll call you if anything similar comes in’. This is far more common than our industry likes to admit.

That’s why we’ve changed the way the recruitment process is managed so that it’s now in keeping with the aspirations and expectations of our candidates. In fact, you’ll never have to visit our office at all for a formal interview or spend hours being tested. Instead, we’ll set to work finding a new opportunity you’ll be excited to take on. No fuss for you or KPI’s for us.

We’ll never try to interest you in a role we don’t think you’ll be happy in or that fails to meet your expectations. Your personal information is always managed professionally, with respect and in confidence. We only forward on your details to our clients after informing you of who they are, why we’re sending it and most importantly, receiving your approval to do so.

So, if you’re looking for a Partner to work with on your career path rather than someone just interested in ticking boxes, we would love to work with you.

Your goals and aspirations are important to us. We look forward to bringing you the best recruitment experience you’ll ever have.