Do You Have Your Offer Ready?

Over the years, we’ve unfortunately seen many instances in which the failure to complete a straight-forward administrative task has led to a great candidate slipping away. We are of course, referring to the Offer of Employment.

When you think about it, preparing an Offer is an administrative task that has to be performed regardless of who eventually receives the finished article. Only the personal and remuneration details need to be amended. This begs the question : Why don’t we get the paperwork ready in advance of commencing our search? We even recommend that the Offer is based upon a Position Description for the role, allowing you to cover off on two documents simultaneously.

It’s simple : In-demand candidates, with a range of options, won’t wait for an Offer to be assembled. It also sends the message that your company isn’t organised or well-prepared, which can add doubt to their decision-making.

We’re not suggesting you make an offer to the first candidate you like, we are merely encouraging you to strike when the iron’s hot, when the ideal person comes along.