Building the Proper Foundation For Your Business

The true foundation of your enterprise is not its assets or capital – it’s people, and when you are erecting structures to house people, building headquarters, or literally paving the way to the future, you need to be able to count on your team. You need to know that they are good at what they do and that they will get the job done right.

At Lloyd Recruitment Group, we know that workers, skilled trades, site supervisors, and everyone in the construction industry, have an important role to play for there to be progress. Not only must they be educated and highly trained, but we want our candidates to demonstrate technical acuity, resourcefulness, and responsibility. We want them to see the bigger picture – what lies beyond the edifice and the project.

Recruitment Expertise and Industry Know-How

As fellow business owners ourselves, we at Lloyd Recruitment Group know firsthand how important it is to have the right people on your team – people who are dedicated to their work and their craft, who maintain exacting standards and efficiency. Apart from skill, however, they need to understand the industry they are in, and the nuances of business. That way, they are not just thinking about how to get the job done, they’re considering the most resource efficient, timely way to fulfil their objectives and to advance the company.

With our 12+ years in the recruitment industry, Lloyd Recruitment Group has developed a vast network within numerous industries, including construction. We have the expertise to attract the most capable talent and the comprehensive recruitment process that allows us to find the best match for your company. We look at the whole picture and history of our candidates – strengths and competencies, accomplishments, job history and experience, references, skills, education – and we look at aspirations and motivations. Therein lies the key to finding a candidate who is compatible with your organisation’s corporate culture, and someone upon whom you can rely for your most important endeavours.

What Sets Lloyd Recruitment Group Apart

At Lloyd Recruitment Group, we don’t see you just as clients, nor do we see candidates just as applicants. You are equal partners who, if brought together, can benefit each other and advance corporate objectives and make the business flourish. By matching the right people with the right companies, we are helping you build a stronger foundation for success, because they are as invested in you as you are in them.

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  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Management
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  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Surveying

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