Do You Have Your Offer Ready?

Over the years, we’ve unfortunately seen many instances in which the failure to complete a straight-forward administrative task has led to a great candidate slipping away. We are of course, referring to the Offer of Employment. When you think about it, preparing an Offer is an administrative task that has to be performed regardless of […]


When we launched our company in 2005, we had a simple goal : To deliver our Clients a standard of service that represented excellent value for money and exceeded their expectations and to find rewarding new opportunities for our Candidates. We’ve always treated both parties as equal partners and although our sector has seen a […]

Worth Their Weight In Gold?

When you’re sitting down with a potential new employee for an administrative position, the typical interview scenario usually focuses on items such as their skill-set and previous experience. You also gauge from their personality if they’ll be a good fit with existing team members and make your decision from there. In short, the interview is […]

A Conumdrum of Quality

‘Who do you have on your books?’ A Conundrum of Quality It’s starting to age a little now, however, ‘Who do you have on your books?’ has been the first question asked of us by employers for many years. What they are really asking is ‘Do you have an instant fix for my problem?’ We […]

An Ongoing Success Story.

On a Thursday morning in September of last year, we received an urgent ‘phone call from David Mortimer, the WA State Manager with United Fasteners. He had just received a resignation letter from his Receptionist / Accounts Person and needed to replace her urgently, as he only had two-weeks for a ‘hand-over’. David’s initial thought […]