The Timesaver

The best ‘PRICE=VALUE’ product available to find your administrative, accounts and operational staff.

We have a confession to make : When we introduced THE TIMESAVER in 2017, we were surprised at just how quickly our clients embraced it. We proudly believe that it’s the best ‘PRICE=VALUE’ service available for your Administrative, Accounts & Operations requirements.

Here’s what we do :

  • Search our extensive Database for suitable Candidates
  • Professionally write the copy for and place your Advertisements
  • Manage all enquiries from your interested Candidates
  • Provide all short-listed Candidates with your Position Details
  • Deliver the Resumes of short-listed, suitable Candidates
  • Provide a summary of Candidate details
  • Arrange interviews with Candidates on your behalf
  • Continue our search until a Candidate commences with you
  • Provide you with a Six-Month Placement Guarantee

We understand that there’s a big difference between wanting a new team member and having the time to search for them. Think about it : All the time you used to spend worrying about finding staff, can now be spent on the most important thing of all : Taking care of your Customers.

The Timesaver
Temporary & Contract Staffing

Temporary & Contract Staffing

From a Receptionist to a Site Engineer, we can cover your Blue-Collar, White-Collar and Professional staffing needs.

Given the uncertainty in our economy these past few years, it’s no surprise to hear that a lot of companies are still unsure of their staffing needs in the months ahead. That’s why our TEMPORARY & CONTRACT STAFFING services are designed to offer the flexibility you require to manage your workflow as things pick up.

For a fixed, all-inclusive hourly rate, we can manage your Blue-Collar, White-Collar and Professional staffing needs. From a Receptionist to a Site Engineer, a Boilermaker to an Accounts Person, we’ve got you covered.

Our TEMP2PERM option allows you to offer permanency to any of our temporary employees and includes a loyalty bonus that goes towards a final placement fee. This allows both parties to get to know each other, prior to making a full-time commitment.

Assignment Management

Professional recruitment management for your accounting, professional, technical and managerial roles.

Lloyd Talent Management provides a comprehensive service offering, including pro-active talent management, copy writing, advertising and short-list management. Upon commencement, for your added peace-of-mind, our candidates are covered under our Six-Month Service Guarantee.

Our Professional ASSIGNMENT MANAGEMENT is innovative, cost-effective and takes care of your Accounting, Professional, Technical and Managerial roles, in any sector, anywhere in Australia.

Although we continuously develop the network of identified Candidates we’re working with, each and every assignment we manage is promoted on Australia’s most popular job-boards, along with our social media channels. This delivers the best coverage possible for attracting the best talent available.

We consult with our clients to ensure that we are aware of not only the skills and experience required to manage an assignment on their behalf but also have a clear understanding of the personal attributes required of any candidate seeking to join them.

It’s really straight-forward when you’re working with us. We deliver each of our products and services with a fixed fee, with no hidden extras waiting for you at the end of the assignment. Our fee is only payable when one of our candidates commences employment with you.

Assignment Management
Talent Management Platform

Talent Management Platform

If you’re in a period of growth or have regular turnover, you can now cost-effectively manage your recruitment spend for six-months.

When you think about the many changes to the way we conduct business nowadays, it’s strange to think that the ‘traditional’ recruitment method is still in place. Well, we’ve changed that.

Here’s a recruitment solution that’s tailored to suit your business and for a cost-effective, fixed quarterly fee, manages your ongoing advertising and hiring needs.

Our TALENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM is designed for companies who experience a regular turnover of their staff, are engaged in project work or expecting a period of growth and expansion. It effectively manages the typical responsibilities involved in the recruitment process such as advertising, managing enquiries and candidate screening. Any HR professional or manager knows that this is where the most time is spent, often for the least reward. We enable you to by-pass these initial stages and focus solely on managing your short-listed candidates.

It’s really simple : We meet with you to develop a clear understanding of your particular workplace environment and to build a profile of the particular skill-sets and personal aspects for the best people to join your team. We then commence our advertising and work pro-actively with the talent-pool we manage on your behalf. You tell us who to search for and we get to work.

Our search isn’t limited to one role at a time : We pro-actively work with our clients and candidates to ensure you have a great mix of talent for the whole range of people you employ. We effectively manage your administrative, operational, accounts, technical and professional requirements, with placements guaranteed.