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Over that past twelve years, Lloyd Talent Management has developed a comprehensive range of recruitment products, designed for and to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Whatever your requirement or your circumstance, we consult with you and recommend the solution we believe is best suited for the assignment. We’ve always worked on a simple, fixed-fee basis. The price we agree on at the commencement of each assignment has no hidden extras waiting for you at the end.

We are a Generalist recruiter. We don’t limit our market to a single sector or discipline. Instead, we work by the ‘Rule Of Any’. If we can consult with our clients, get a clear understanding of the skill-set required along with an appreciation of the type of person that will fit in best with your team, we can find any person, for any role, anywhere in Australia.


Our Assignment Management products enable you to enjoy the benefits of our experience and Pro-Active Talent Management. We assemble a list of suitably qualified and experienced Candidates for your consideration and then arrange your short-list interviews, assist in the process of making an offer of employment to your preferred candidate and provide a Service Guarantee on the placement.


We offer a range of HR Consulting Services, designed to complement your existing team in busy times or we can become your virtual ‘HR Department’. Our services include : staff appraisals, skill-set inventories, benchmark interviewing & exit interviews.


6 Critical Areas is a product we developed in-house and enables you to get a true picture of how your staff feel about working with you and the areas that need your attention to improve performance.

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