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Over that past twelve years, Lloyd Recruitment Group has developed a comprehensive range of recruitment products, designed for and to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Whatever your requirement or your circumstance, we consult with you and recommend the solution we believe is best suited for the assignment. We’ve always worked on a simple, fixed-fee basis. The price we agree on at the commencement of each assignment has no hidden extras waiting for you at the end.

We are a Generalist recruiter. We don’t limit our market to a single sector or discipline. Instead, we work by the ‘Rule Of Any’. If we can consult with our clients, get a clear understanding of the skill-set required along with an appreciation of the type of person that will fit in best with your team, we can find any person, for any role, anywhere in Australia.


Our Permanent Placement products take assignment management to the next level and include candidate interviewing and reference checking. We also arrange your short-list interviews, assist in the process of making an offer of employment to your preferred candidate and then provide a six month service guarantee on the placement, with an option to increase this to a year. We also offer a range of payment options, designed to meet your budget.


The Timesaver is our most cost-effective product and takes care of your advertising and candidate screening. The key feature here is that our fee includes a SEEK placement and the advertising copy is professionally written by experienced consultants. This gives you the best possible chance of finding the right person. We liaise with the applicants on your behalf and after initial screening and discussing the position with them, we deliver your shortlist within five days of commencing the assignment.

THE TIMESAVER PLUS adds some more features, namely unlimited advertising and a three month placement guarantee for the candidate who commences employment with you.


Our Temps are provided with a fixed, all-inclusive hourly hire rate. We pay our Temps a completion bonus upon the satisfactory conclusion of each assignment to which they commit. This means that they stay the course for the completion of the project.

If you wish to offer a permanent role with your company to one of our Temps, we’ve got that covered for you. We offer a Loyalty Discount to our clients of the final placement fee, based on the hours they’ve already worked with you.


We offer a range of HR Consulting Services, designed to complement your existing team in busy times or we can become your virtual ‘HR Department’. Our services include : staff appraisals, skill-set inventories, benchmark interviewing & exit interviews.


6 Critical Areas is a product we developed in-house and enables you to get a true picture of how your staff feel about working with you and the areas that need your attention to improve performance.

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