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We offer a range of HR Consulting Services, designed to complement your existing team in busy times or we can become your ‘HR Department’. Our services include : staff appraisals, skill-set inventories, benchmark interviewing & exit interviews.


Imagine this scenario:

An employee who you have identified as being happy in their work and who you look upon as a valued member of your team, offers their resignation. Although this may have come as a surprise it’s more common than you might think. The challenge is, how do you retain a person after investing time and money on their development and stop other good people leaving?

Well, to solve a problem you need to know if you have one.

For the vast majority of businesses the only time they formally engage or listen to their employees is at review time. This is in all likelihood not frequent enough for either party, often leading to a lack of understanding and poor communication. Critically it can mean that an employee you value may be thinking of moving on and you won’t be aware of it. This is compounded when staff members raise what managers consider to be trivial and ‘time wasting’ issues and they fail to value or act upon them, hoping they will disappear.

Focus on how your staff feel about working with you. As business owners we need to make sure that we have an up to the minute picture of how our customers feel about working with us.

How do we do this? It’s simple: We regularly ask them questions and take the answers into consideration. This enables us to retain and develop the relationship to everyone’s benefit.

Why not take the same approach with your employees?

6 CRITICAL AREAS can make a big difference to your company. Ask us for details and a confidential discussion.

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