Temporary and Contract Staffing

Lloyd Recruitment Group specialise in Temporary & Contract Staffing solutions for periods in excess of four weeks. We ensure that our Temps are experienced in the duties you’ll be asking them to perform, enabling them to be ‘up to speed’ from the first day of the assignment.

Our hourly rate is fully inclusive of the following items :

  • Employee Hourly Pay
  • Advertising & Recruitment Costs
  • Superannuation
  • Sick Pay & Leave Loading
  • Statutory Insurance and Tax
  • Completion Bonuses

We pay our temps a completion bonus at the end of each assignment which goes a long way towards making sure the job is well managed from start to finish. Should you wish to offer one of our Temps a role directly with your company, we include our TEMP2PERM service with each of our placements. This means that we can effectively offer you a ‘Loyalty Discount’ with the offer of a reduced final placement fee.

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