What’s the secret to great ‘Recruitment Relationships’? That’s easy : Treating your Candidates and Clients as equal partners.

We always have. We always will.

When you think about the many changes to the way we conduct business nowadays, it’s strange to think that the ‘traditional’ recruitment method is still firmly in place. The manner in which we interact with each other on a personal and professional level has evolved, along with your expectations of a service provider.

Established in 2005, we believe that experience is only valuable if you keep moving forward : You simply can’t rest on your laurels. That’s why we’ve reviewed the traditional recruitment process to come up with solutions that are innovative user-friendly and deliver better outcomes to our candidates.

We have the same goals now as we did back then : To deliver our clients a standard of service that represents excellent value for money and exceeds their expectations and to find rewarding new opportunities for our candidates. We’ve always treated both parties as equal partners and although our sector has seen a lot of changes, that’s something that never will.

So, what’s different about our company and what benefits does it deliver for our candidates?

It might interest you to know that 70% of the great people we’ve recently placed in new opportunities didn’t originally respond to an advertisement. Given that the majority of candidates are not actively looking for a new role, how do we manage this? It’s simple : We build a relationship via our LinkedIn Profile, to keep potential new job-seekers abreast of market updates and any new opportunities that we think will be appealing to them.

One thing’s for certain : ‘Passive’ job seekers shouldn’t be asked to commit to a lengthy recruitment process that does not guarantee the promise of a meeting with a potential employer. Good candidates simply have too many options to have the inconvenience of taking ‘unnecessary’ time away from work.

That’s why in 2017, we made the decision to not insist our candidates attend a face-to-face meeting with us. We’ve found that there have been no drop-offs in our success rate with placements and we’ve been able to introduce more exciting opportunities to our candidates.

Your personal information and privacy has always been as important to us as it is to you. We manage all candidate details in the confidence you deserve and should demand. Your information is only forwarded on to our client when you know what the role is, who the company are and after you give us your consent to do so.

Your career aspirations are also respectfully managed at all times. We will never attempt to interest you in a role that does not meet with your expectations. Rest assured, we don’t work on KPI’s and feel obliged to ‘top up the numbers’. Ultimately, we’re here to add value to and save time for our candidates and clients alike.